The core of CUBE CSS is CSS. Where other methodologies might work around CSS—or in some cases, completely avoid it—CUBE CSS embraces it.

CSS is an incredibly complex programming language because a lot of knowledge is in how it works—not just how to write the syntax—which is understandably difficult when someone is used to other programming languages breaking and/or throwing errors, like JavaScript.

# Progressive first methodology

As mentioned in the principles section: embracing the forgiving, progressive nature of CSS is a big part of what gives CUBE CSS as a methodology, power.

Simple is almost always more effective than complex.

With CUBE CSS, we embrace the cascade and inheritance to style as much as possible at a high level. This means that when nothing but your global styles make it to the browser, the page will still look great. It’s progressive enhancement in action and enables us to write as little CSS as possible.

CUBE CSS in essence, is a progressive enhancement approach, vs a fight against the grain of CSS, or a pixel-pushing your project to within an inch of its life approach. This is why CSS itself is the most important part of the CUBE CSS methodology.